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Matthew in Yosemite
Matthew In Yosemite National Park, California


Matthew Wallace is a Sydney-based freelance photographer whose passion for capturing moments and telling stories through his lens has led him on a remarkable journey in the world of photography.

Matthew’s interest in photography began in 2008 when he traveled to the USA and visited some of the National Parks in California, Utah and Arizona. Equipped with a high-end point-and-shoot Canon camera, he was fascinated by how a photograph could capture a memory and tell a story.

In 2012, Matthew received his first DSLR camera, a Canon 1100D, and this ignited his passion for photography. He began learning the techniques required to produce great photographs and his journey took another leap in 2014 when he started shooting photos in RAW and post-processing using Adobe Lightroom.

To further refine his skills and discover his style, Matthew enrolled in an Intermediate Photography Course held at St. George Sutherland Shire Community College in 2015. This allowed him to upgrade his camera to a Canon 760D and some extra lenses, inspiring him to begin a 365-day photo journal project in 2016 with another photographer friend. Taking turns in choosing a theme for each week, they both took a photo every day and posted it on their Instagram accounts. This challenge has stimulated his creative side, enabling him to visualise photos in his mind of locations or subjects that he would have not otherwise considered.

Matthew’s passion for photography has continued to grow, and he has participated in the Dogwood Photography 52-Week Challenge and also taken the plunge into full-frame camera territory by upgrading to a Canon 6D and 6D MKII. In July 2018, Matthew began working for one of Australia’s leading providers of event photography and still freelancers on the side. Now he has added a Canon 5D Mk IV to his kit not to mention L series of lenses.

When he is not behind the lens, Matthew is a keen road cyclist and enjoys riding around Sydney, such as the Royal National Park, Cook’s River Cycleway to Parramatta, and along the M7. He also has a deep appreciation for music and enjoys keeping the beat on the drums.

Matthew’s passion for photography lay in capturing moments that go beyond the ‘safe-shots’ and partnering with businesses and families to provide professional images that illustrate their heart and vision. His goal is to tell stories through his photography that are both captivating and meaningful.

With a combination of high-end gear and creative technique, Matthew produces high-quality photographs that capture the essence of the moment. His passion for photography is evident in his work, and he is dedicated to providing his clients with a memorable experience. Whether it’s capturing special moments at an event or working with businesses to showcase their products, Matthew’s photography is always focused on telling a story.

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